Your salesteam's success is dependent on its members ability to trust each other and buy-in to the norms and goals of the group.

In this facilitated exercise, we will clarify and document expectations in a compelling, productive (and entertaining!) session.

Consistent with the Cold Call Company’s Cold Call Training, Prospect Meeting Training and Networking Training each training is both interactive and pragmatic.



Building a sturdy house - or any structure that can withstand ups and downs - requires solid infrastructure and fundamentals.

In the corporate world, we document our fundamentals in contracts. Signed agreements make everything expected and agreed upon clear to both parties. We rely on contracts to guide relationships between employer and employee, client and service provider, landlord and renter, or any other relationship that will benefit from documented expectations and responsibilities.

That leads us to the question: Why aren't there contracts among colleagues of a sales team?

I strongly believe that such an agreement drives success within a sales team by confirming that everyone is on the same page, with the same goal. Not only does a contract make it clear to each team member what is expected and how to represent the firm, but also as new potential team members are proposed, each candidate can review the ‘team agreement’ before deciding to come on board. Clear expectations and measurable goals are the keys to success in every organization, especially on sales teams. 

The Team Agreement Training is an interactive, productive shared group experience. I will walk the current team and management through figuring out its own DNA. Together through guided exercises and discussion, we will clarify expectations, document what the team needs from their manager, communication standards and exactly what team stands for. At the end of the session, everybody signs the contract and begins their new adventure as part of a collaborative team with shared goals and vision.

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