Your team will learn how to make an honest, legitimate connection in a prospect meeting, right from the start.

The training is compelling, productive, and the participants are involved in every step.

Consistent with the Cold Call Company’s Cold Calling Training course and Networking Training course, each training is both lively and pragmatic.

Prospect Meeting Training

Prospect Meeting Training teaches business conversation starters, likability, charm and appropriate behavior.  This can be done by first practicing role playing exercises but the focus lies on real live conversation.

The participant learns how to orient himself at the Prospect Meeting. The goal is not to sell, but instead to make a connection and lead the potential client to buy.

We will focus both on enthusiasm and on identifying the potential client’s motivation. Then, we will create the optimal purchasing environment. There is a special emphasis on internal motivation and a success mentality.

The form of the Prospect Meeting Training depends on the needs, size of the group and the level of experience.

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