The Networking Training is dynamic, invigorating, and the participants are involved in every step.

Your team will have productive, real conversations with networking partners (including a field trip)!

Consistent with the Cold Call Company’s Cold Calling Training and Prospect Meeting Training, each course is stimulating and requires active participation.

Networking Meeting Training

After a short explanation outlining all the key points on how to become a targeted networker, we will go on a field trip together to a live networking event so we can put our newfound knowledge to work and tailor our efforts.

Through practical exercises, each participant will learn how to make genuine contact with potential clients while keeping their concrete goal at the forefront. At the conclusion of all networking events, there is the inevitable stack of business cards to take home. But this time, each participant will have collected business cards only from those who will further his goal. 

These cards will belong to members of two groups – either potential clients with whom a qualified appointment has already been confirmed, or decision makers who will be called upon within 48 hours.

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