Practical NEW BUSINESS training

During the Cold Call Training your team will have genuine conversations with real (potential) clients right from the start. The training is dynamic, stimulating, and the participants are involved in every step.

In a good natured manner, team members are dragged out of their comfort zones, shaken awake and asked (constructively) to hold up a mirror, scrutinizing their own business behaviours.

Account managers quickly learn how to become more strategic and successful at generating new business. 

Consistent with the Cold Call Company’s Networking Training and Prospect Meeting Training, each course is interactive and practical.

Cold Call Training

How do you ensure that a Cold Call leads to a warm conversation and ultimately a qualified meeting? Throughout the practically oriented Cold Call Training, participants learn by experiencing live calls with an expert by their side.  

Post-call, we partner in analyzing each conversation, reviewing the positives and opportunities for improvement, so the whole group can benefit.  In turn, each call becomes more polished and targeted until you have a team of powerhouse Cold Callers.

As the Trainer, I will make calls as well, since my philosophy includes not only 'talking the talk' but 'walking the walk'.  I will demonstrate personally and be involved in every call.

Versions of The Cold Call Training vary from a 'booster' to a workshop or a full (multiple day) training.
The training will be tailored to your teams’ individual needs, the size of the your group and the level of experience.

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