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Set one goal today

It’s no secret that the world’s most successful people are masters at goal setting. In fact, one way to absolutely guarantee failure is to not have clearly defined and measurable goals.

As a business owner, manager, or salesperson, I’m sure you already know a lot about goals and targets. And I’m sure you understand how critical they are to any business.

But why is it that some people seem to enjoy such incredible success? Not only that, but they seem to accomplish their goals almost effortlessly! The answer, I believe, lies in FOCUS.

In life, our most outstanding achievements are the result of those things that we direct our energies toward. It’s the simple difference between a recreational golfer who enjoys an occasional weekend game, and a top PGA professional who eats, sleeps, and dreams golf – 24 hours per day, every day.

So, would you like to become a top professional salesperson? How about a top earner?

Consider the legendary Joe Girard, widely acknowledged as the world’s top salesperson –ever. In a 15-year career, he singlehandedly sold more than 15,000 cars (!) and became a multi-millionaire, bestselling author, and motivational speaker. His secret? An unswerving passion – and an incredible desire to find new customers and connect with them.

A master at cold calling? Undoubtedly! By the way, did you know that the top 1% of salespeople* in the world actually earn more than most company CEO’s?

There’s nothing – absolutely nothing – stopping you too from dramatically increasing your sales right now.

How, you ask? It’s very simple: if your DESIRE to do so is so strong that it takes precedence over all the other distractions, then the magic will start happening for you.

That means that your ONE GOAL for today has nothing to do with numbers, targets or statistics. It has to do with purpose. If you develop an unshakeable desire to seek out those potential clients because you understand what they can add to your business (and your salary), then calling them and creating amazing opportunities will become as natural and effortless as breathing.

In a nutshell, here’s today’s goal: take that list of potential clients, pick up the phone, and call them as if it was the most important thing in your life. And repeat that goal with every call until it’s a habit.

Get excited – and see how your sales soar!


* Jacques Worth, Top 10 Reasons Sales People Fail

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