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How to really connect... One of my passions is sharing my knowledge and inspiring success.

As a sales keynote speaker, whether the topic is Cold Calling, networking, functioning well within a sales team, new business processes or live conversation, I will involve and excite your team!

From my perspective, you can only be successful at any of these ventures once you have made a proper connection.

Topic Options for Speaking Engagements

  • Cold Calling: Ensure that your Cold Call turns into a warm conversation and ultimately a concrete, qualified appointment with the decision maker!
  • New Business Processes: The feast and famine cycle of closing rates can be frustrating. Learn how to structure your sales process for consistent success.

  • Making connections: Internalize the importance of a pleasant and genuine connection with your potential client. I will teach you how make this happen in each and every interaction.
  • Sales Teams: Every sales team operates more efficiently and performs better when the connection between team members is genuine and there are clear agreements applicable to the whole team. I will teach you how to you establish guidelines and create buy-in within your team so that everyone can really be on the team.
  • Networking: Yes, it is indeed in your best interest to build a legitimate, warm, long lasting connection with your potential client!  I will engage your audience with the why’s and the how’s.

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