ccrm-screens I know.  There are already 1,001 CRM systems out there to track appointments. But I never found one that was completely focused on The Cold Call Process or Prospect Meetings but also straightforward and intuitive.

Most solutions come with a thick book of how-to’s and explanations or even require a 3 day break from selling to learn how to document the selling.  Cold Callers have neither time nor patience for that!  

That’s why I decided to create CRM system number 1,002.  Cold Call CRM is a clean, lean, mean system free of unnecessary buttons and required field overload. I am catering to salespeople who think like me; we want to quickly and effectively fill in the appropriate data about the progress of all qualified appointments, and move on immediately to the next action. 

Cold Call CRM provides easy access to all the required information and great overview to monitor appointments.


Within Cold Call CRM, you can:

  • Add companies and each contact persons’ details
  • Document appointments and notes
  • Schedule and receive follow-up reminders
  • Synchronize your appointments with Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar

Cold Call CRM runs in the cloud on a secure server, so you can access it from anywhere, quickly monitoring your appointments and follow-up schedule… and on the go. Exactly what you need. 

The advantages of Cold Call CRM

  • It's free
  • It's fast
  • It saves time


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