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Marketing vs. Cold Calling


Many companies budget significant amounts of money for marketing – and so they should. It’s important, though, to remember the importance of face-to-face contact, and the absolute necessity of actively seeking out new business by approaching potential clients individually.

Why, you may ask? Surely a good marketing campaign is enough?

While it’s true that effective marketing can boost brand recognition, it isn’t actually a very effective way to bring in the customers you want. To do that, there’s an age-old, simple 3-step process that every business has to follow:

  • Identify the customers you want.
  • Actively seek them out and initiate a face-to-face dialogue.
  • Change (or reinforce) their existing perceptions, and make your business irresistibly attractive to them.

Human beings (including human beings who run businesses) are creatures of habit. What does that mean to you as a salesperson? Quite simply, that unless you personally influence someone, they’ll keep on buying from your competition – even if you’re less expensive, offer a better warranty, and your product comes with bells.

Creating brand awareness through shotgun marketing just isn’t enough in today’s fiercely competitive business arena. This is even more true when you consider that almost every single business out there is essentially doing the same things and offering the same range of products as its competitors.

What, then, has the power to catapult a business far ahead of its rivals? The answer: intelligent, purposeful cold calling. There are several advantages to this proactive approach to sales, and the most obvious is the fact that if you do it correctly, you are developing a watertight relationship with your client. That means greater loyalty, confidence, and business longevity. Even if a competitor advertises a cheaper product, your client will almost always prefer the safety of dealing with someone he knows and trusts – namely, you.

Another significant advantage of cold calling is the formation of a network of business contacts that you would not otherwise be able to gain access to. Assuming that you’ve provided a client with excellent service, who do you think he’s going to recommend to his peers at their next round of golf? He won’t be telling them about the TV ad he saw last night for a product just like yours – he’ll be telling them that he knows someone really good who can look after their best interests. It’s utterly true that word of mouth is the best marketing tool in the world, and cold calling is a brilliant way to forge those links.

And if you needed any more convincing, there is one more thing that cold calling gives you that stock standard marketing can’t. It gives you unique insight and valuable information into your market. By phoning and speaking to representatives of your different markets, you will undoubtedly find out what hooks do and don’t’ work, what their specific needs are and potentially what markets just don’t fit the bill.

In summary: if you’re serious about your business – or your sales career – can you afford not to cold call?

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