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Getting over the fear: ‘I CAN’T COLD CALL!’

Doing business without cold calling is like winking at someone in the dark: it gives you a warm feeling, but nobody else knows what you’re doing.

Contrary to popular opinion, the best form of advertising is relationship-based. You might have the hottest product on the market, and endless millions to spend on TV spots, but if you’re not initiating and forming a face-to-face relationship with potential clients – on a daily basis – then you’re missing the most critically important facet of business building.

The fact is, your most loyal and endearing customers are the ones who happened by design, not by accident. They are the ones who, years later, will still be buying from you, raving about you, and ensuring your prosperity.

When you need a new pair of shoes, do you wait at home for someone to just magically bring you shoes (which just happen to be the right design, colour and size!) – or do you go to a store and get what you want?

That may seem absurd, but in reality, it’s no sillier than hoping and waiting for the ‘big client’ or ‘perfect customer’ to notice you and buy your product.

You already know exactly what you want: so, really, all you have to do is get out there and find the client. And yet, despite this perfect logic, many salespeople have a deep-seated, irrational fear of calling on a potential customer for the first time, particularly on the phone. Why is this?

Well, we all have in inbuilt dislike of rejection. We want to win approval and be liked. And so, for many, stepping out of the comfort zone can be a daunting prospect (pardon the pun).

Here’s a simple technique to try today. It’s easy: EXPECT SUCCESS. You see, when someone says no, they’re not saying no to you. They’re actually saying no to a specification, or a price, or the timing.

It’s all about motive. If I offered you ten hot dogs with extra hot mustard, you might turn them down. But if I told you that one of them has a million-dollar cheque for you hidden in it, would you eat them all?

Of COURSE you would!

Hidden somewhere in that list of people you’re calling today, is your DREAM CLIENT.

Now pick up the phone – and make the call that could change your life!

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