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Let’s get personal – Top Trick for Cold Calling

Using first names is what I believe in. I always use a prospect’s first name, especially when it comes to getting past the gatekeeper. When communication isn’t face-to-face, one often forgets that there is an actual person on the other side. It’s far easier for your prospect (or gatekeeper) to shut you down when the human element isn’t there – to them you’re just another company trying to sell them another thing. Using a first name adds this human element.

But let’s say you’re about to make a cold call. You’ve done all the research on your prospect you possibly can, only to find a last name and nothing else. What do you do? Well, with a little secret I like to call the “Blackout Trick”, you’ll get past the gatekeeper and chatting to your prospect in no time.

The Blackout Trick

Here’s how the average cold call might go:

Cold Caller: “Hi, this is Daniel from The Cold Call Company. Is Mr Johnson available to talk?”

Gatekeeper (knowingly): “Sorry, Mr Johnson isn’t available at the moment. Can I take a message?” or “What is this regarding?

What now? You aren’t going to get very far in this scenario. But what if you shook things up a bit…

Cold Caller: “Hi, this is Daniel. Is…. Um….uhmmm…Johnson …nahh,, I just completely blacked out! Uh… Johnson…. Johnson”

Gatekeeper: “Oh, you mean Brian Johnson?”

Cold Caller: “Yes, of course, Brian! Is he there?”

Gatekeeper: “Sure, I’ll put you through to him.”

And THAT’S how it’s done! The gatekeeper assumes you know your prospect personally, and because you come across as a human being who just forgot a name you’ll be put through.
Just remember, this trick only works if you actually know the last name of your prospect. You might be able to trick the gatekeeper into giving you a first name, but trying to divulge his last name too will make it pretty obvious that you don’t know him at all.

The Mobile Trick

But what if your prospect is genuinely unavailable? Using the same sneaky trick, you can get hold of his mobile number too.

Gatekeeper: “Brian is out of the office at the moment. Can I take a message?”

Cold Caller: “Oh, not a problem. I’ll just call him on his mobile.”

Gatekeeper: “Ok, great – “

Cold Caller: “Oh, I see I don’t have it on me right now. Do you have it with you?”

Gatekeeper: “Sure, it’s….”

I’m not joking, this really works like a charm!

People want to know they are talking to real people. Not a script, not the same old stuff they hear day after day. If you can get through on a more personal level you’ll not only get chatting to real people, but the right people too. Like Brian.

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