Capitalize on Hesitation

In every negotiation, there comes a critical point when one person changes the flow and direction of the conversation. And, one of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to sense these opportunities and react positively to them. One of these opportunities is hesitation: the moment when someone ‘takes a step back’ […]


10 Killer Qualifying Questions to ask during a Cold Call

One of the key factors that set successful salespeople on the path to success is their habit of finding and talking to the right people. Very often, a salesperson will spend significant time and effort on a really well-presented call, only to be met with the classic: “I’ll have to pass this on to the […]


Set one goal today

It’s no secret that the world’s most successful people are masters at goal setting. In fact, one way to absolutely guarantee failure is to not have clearly defined and measurable goals. As a business owner, manager, or salesperson, I’m sure you already know a lot about goals and targets. And I’m sure you understand how […]


Getting over the fear: ‘I CAN’T COLD CALL!’

Doing business without cold calling is like winking at someone in the dark: it gives you a warm feeling, but nobody else knows what you’re doing. Contrary to popular opinion, the best form of advertising is relationship-based. You might have the hottest product on the market, and endless millions to spend on TV spots, but […]


The Power of Silence

One of the ‘biggies’ in the sales world is Kelley Robertson, whom I respect tremendously. He has been doing this a long time and is the esteemed author of Stop, Ask, Listen. Kelley published a blog post which I think holds incredible value, and I’d like to not only credit him but springboard it into some examples that I believe will be helpful to all of us.


He said “No.” Now what? Part II

As a Cold Caller, you are taught not to give up – it’s important to remember that when you get a “No.”

Last week, we broke down an objection into two parts – why your potential client is refusing, and what exactly he is refusing. As I mentioned, in Cold Calling, “No” doesn’t always mean “Never.” Today, we are going to take a look at the what and address how to overcome it..


Mastering Cold Calling via Drivers Seat Methodology

One of the most important concepts to embrace when Cold Calling is called Driver’s Seat Methodology. I have worked on this concept for many years, fine-tuned it, and utilize it every day. I’ve trained salespeople worldwide how to gently take control of the conversation – to DRIVE it.


Never Answer an Unasked Question

Geoffery James wrote an article for his Sales Source column on which included a sales tip that resonated with me: Never answer an unasked question. He says: “It’s easy to scuttle a sale by raising issues that haven’t yet entered a prospect’s head. Such behaviour usually occurs when you’re so afraid of losing the sale that you begin surfacing (and answering) objections that exist only in your own paranoid imagination.”
Right he is.


A Smile is Worthwhile

Scientists agree: smiling is contagious.

Even an initially fake smile can trigger a heightened sense of genuine satisfaction and joy for the smiler and those around him.

We all have bad days, but real smiles (and even copies of them) can actually improve our moods, and therefore our lives.