Let’s get personal – Top Trick for Cold Calling

Let's get personal - Cold Calling Trick

Let’s say you’re about to make a cold call . You’ve done all the research on your prospect you possibly can, only to find a last name and nothing else. What do you do? Well, with a little secret I like to call the “Blackout Trick”, you’ll get past the gatekeeper and chatting to your prospect in no time.


Marketing vs. Cold Calling

Many companies budget significant amounts of money for marketing – and so they should. It’s important, though, to remember the importance of face-to-face contact, and the absolute necessity of actively seeking out new business by approaching potential clients individually.

Why, you may ask? Surely a good marketing campaign is enough?


He said “No.” Now what? Part I

A professional Cold Caller needs to recognize that this is not a date – social rules do not apply here: “No” doesn’t always mean “Never.” Your first assignment is to determine why your potential client is refusing, and only then you can focus on what exactly he’s refusing. Today, we will examine the why.


The Gatekeeper Question: Your Wing Man

You’d think, by now, given all of the technological advances available to us especially in the social arena – that dating would no longer be an awkward, pride swallowing, potentially self esteem annihilating venture. You would be wrong.

Enter the dating man’s best asset: The Wingman. In military terms, a wingman is your partner; the man who will never leave your side even when the chips are down. Think Goose.


The Cold Call Process

There is a process to every piece of our daily lives, and we’ve often perfected the best or most efficient way of accomplishing the things on our lists.

Today we’re going to dissect and examine the Cold Call Process so I can show you, step by step, each important ingredient and how to maximize your knowledge and efficiency.