Cold Calling Tips and Tricks at Your Fingertips

Get your biweekly dose of Cold Calling inspiration right here. 

I’ll cover topics ranging from what to say and what not to say all the way to making your potential client feel validated, how to form genuine connections, staying motivated when you’re dragging, studying speech patters and intonation, how to remain in control of the conversation and managing the gatekeeper.

What Do Love and Cold Calls Have in Common?

Chick flicks display the commonalities perfectly. In every falling-in-love movie-montage, we watch the protagonist as she runs her hand through her hair. The object of her affection mirrors her by touching his own forehead, face or shoulder. She gazes longingly into his eyes and speaks slowly. He responds by mirroring her pace and gestures. Yes, this is the language of love, but it is also the language of Cold Calling.


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