A Seasoned Second Opinion

Since I’ve been working with so many business development professionals over the years, unique my perspective can prevent companies from hiring the wrong person.

Sales recruitment is complicated, and a seasoned second opinion on your finalist candidates can save you from the wrong hire, avoiding costly and frustrating turnover.    

Selecting Top Talent for New Business Positions

The thing is, salespeople are really good at selling themselves. It comes with the territory. Although self-promotion is a very important quality in our field, it can also be greatly misleading in the interview process.

If it turns out that the candidate you selected is ultimately not as effective as he portrayed, you end up in an unfortunate position. 

I will conduct an extra interview round on your final candidates, identifying new business generating qualities and potential.  I will be able to tell you if your finalists are going to go the extra mile, whether they require micromanagement or if they truly posses the skill they claim.

I will run them through a series of exercises individually, gauging their abilities with every step and determining whether you are seeing charm or talent. I then summarize each candidate and make a final recommendation not only on whether or not to pursue, but also on which management style will maximize the candidate’s performance potential.

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