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Vincent Nieuwenhuijs

Account Manager at TMG Crossmedia

Daniel of The Cold Call Company is a very inspiring expert of cold calling! I had the privilege too be taught some of his skills in a 4 days drill. Results after this 4 days: in 30 calls I scored 25 appointments with potential customers. Before it was like 17 out of 30. If you want too have a better sales force, I recommend you Daniel and The Cold Call Company. Daniel, thanks for teaching me more skills!

Mathijs Van Der Kooi

Manager at Myler

Daniel Francés is a creative and skilled sales expert. For Myler he developed a customized telephone sales training. Within this training he mixed our core values in customer communications and his best practices in cold calling to a very strong working method. Daniel proved to be highly creative, walked the walk during the training. And most important. He helped the course members to improve their calling skills. And all within a limited amount of time. Last but not least: Daniel is great to work with. He delivers and delivers on time. He communicates and is very enthousiastic!

Franck Fielemon

Sales Manager DHL Express

Thanks to Daniel's Cold Calling Training, our telesales results exploded! We snagged the #1 spot worldwide within DHL Express for several times since he came along. It has been a pleasure working with Daniel, and I highly recommend The Cold Call Company to any company ready to generate an enormous amount of business.

Michiel van Gemert

Vertical Leader Finance at ExperisNL

Daniel provided us with a hands-on workshop for our team. Although it is not a specific sales team, we experienced remarkable results. More than 70% of the team stated a more positive attitude towards cold calling. Furthermore we have a significant rise in new bussines visits.

Marc Stubbé

CCO at Sanoma Media

Daniel = new business energy!! In the roadmap, “from farmers to hunters”, he embodies the practise of getting out to the market to engage into proactive smart sales.

Jan Engels

Managing Director Marketing & Sales DHL Express

Daniel runs The Cold Call Company with great energy and passion, which is instantly transferred to the participants during training & workshops. Energy levels go up, focus and success follow. Daniel has contributed to the success of our DHL Express Telesales team by focussing on the competencies of the individual team members, listening to their inner drive and by practical hints. Great Job, Well Done!

Marsha Brink

Account Manager Risk Advisory, Tax & Audit services

I have had the pleasure to attend one of Daniel’s cold call trainings. This was quite an experience, be prepared! I mean that in a positive way. Daniel is a passionate trainer, not ready to take no for an answer, great experience in different branches. This training helped me to be just a bit faster, smarter and happier in calling than I usually was. And it has brought me success: Using his techniques got me more meetings with prospects in which I could clearly add value to their business.

Annette Huismans

Key Account Manager at Ngage media

What's written in The Cold Call Bible is so true! Definitely effective!

Flip van den Heuvel

Manager Tence (Vebego company)

Daniel is able to translate sales theory into practical sales coaching. Besides that he has a really open, authentic and direct approach. Every training is filled with a shipload of energy, enthusiasm and sales action. I can strongly recommend Daniel to any company that is looking for new inspiration in cold calling. Best regards, Flip van den Heuvel.

Arno Feenstra

Head of Corporate Clients B2B Netherlands at Vattenfall

Daniel is an energetic coach/trainer. His training-concept turns the ordinary thought of cold calling into new way of thing about this matter. His view makes cold calling more practical and easy-to-do.The inspiring approach during his training, that is based on many years of experience, provided our team instant results and invited me to experimenting other new techniques.

David Beckett

Presentation Coach

Daniel's workshop on Cold Calling was the best presentation I have ever seen in 20 years of business and 1,000s of presentations. He transformed my belief in myself (and many others) to be able to make that call in a highly dynamic and interactive way. I would recommend Daniel's advice and methods to anyone who needs to make cold calls.

Dennis Stoffels

Demand Manager at Telegraaf Media Groep

Daniel has provide us with great tactics, tips and trics to increase our skills in cold calling. It was a great experience for us all and it has proved itself within minutes. A great combination of theory and practise. I would recommend a workshop by Daniel for every company that wants to improve their acquisition results.

Inge Broere

Projectmotivator and Brazil expert

As a coach Daniel helped me to clarify what needed to be asked and how to ask the right questions. This resulted in an immediate result within my business. One of the people I was dealing with gave me as a direct feedback that the clear way I approached him made him decide to act and as a result this opened up a blocked situation and helped me to move forwards.

Wies Leenders

CEO OptiVolt

Daniel is a professional person with a lot of knowledge about cold calling. His power lies in the fact that he can act on demand and show his skills to the participents. Daniel is a perfect motivator. If your company and its employees needs more sales skills over the phone, Daniel is right person to appraoch.

Roger J. van Oordt

Business Development Director at TKH Security Solutions

Daniel is an expert in cold calling. Using his unique talent, he is capable of opening new doors.

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